Guest Artists


Are you an awesome tattoo artist looking to spend some time in beautiful Pittsburgh?

If so, we'd love to meet you!  We are currently looking for talented guest artists with Pittsburgh-area clientele to work short-term with us in our private Pittsburgh studio. 

Our shop offers a quiet, quirky and unique environment, filled with fun people, located right in the heart of Pittsburgh's liveliest, fastest-growing historic neighborhood.  If this sounds like a good time to you, please let us know who you are by filling out the form below so we can keep your information on hand.  BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR WEBSITE LINK so we can enjoy looking at your portfolio as well, and let us know when you might be interested in coming to visit Pittsburgh.. 

We're not a walk-in studio, so an established area clientele is a must.   As one of the fastest-growing, creative urban areas in the U.S., our neighborhood offers countless amazing activities and options for food, drink, culture, shopping, exploration, adventure and more!  Check out the "Where" link at the top of the site for just a brief sampling of what's in store when you come to visit.!  Thanks and we look forward to meeting you soon. *

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* Please be aware that submission of this request is not a guarantee of a guest spot.  As much as we'd love to be able to invite everyone who is interested in visiting us, we're not always able to accommodate everyone.  We hope you understand.  Thank you!